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OEM Empty Capsules

Professional customization, 100% in line with customer requirements.

From small lot OK!

Ultra fast delivery and cheaper than now! Realize!

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  • New product developmentin as short as 45 days!

    OEM integrated contract manufacture (Supplement / health food)

  • Original material makinguse of the best of the earth!

    List of raw materials to be handled

  • GMP certified soft capsule manufacturing!

    One of the largest manufacturing and oem Empty Capsules factory in domestic

Handling materials

(Health food · supplement / OEM · PB contract manufacturing)

From small lot OK!

Ultra fast delivery and cheaper than now! Realize!

Estimate is free!
  • Planning development・raw material procurement・sales support for dietary supplement (health food)!

    We have supported and commissioned commercialization of hundreds or more of various raw materials. We support a wide range from customers newly entering the health food industry to customers who specialize in health foods. We can research new raw materials as soon as possible and propose products that constantly meet needs. We will respond quickly and politely to your order from small lot as well.
  • Sales health food · supplement OEM / PB (consigned manufacture) Produce!

    We manufacture it committed to making products according to your request. From raw material processing (soft capsule, hard capsule, granule, pill, etc) We will correspond at packaging (bottle · ramijip · three way seal · PTP sheet · corrugated cardboard packing etc) · shipping, at our own manufacturing factory. Please feel free to contact our sales staff for support of sales of health foods (promotional materials such as leaflets, product description) etc.
  • Pioneer of pet supplements! Dedicated plant for pet supplements!

    We started developing the supplement for animal early from the wish that "I want you to live healthy with forever dogs and love cats who are important family members forever." We have developed many products. We are manufacturing a high-quality product based on the technology cultivated in human supplements, thoroughly implementing the same standards of quality control as for human beings in a separate animal plant.

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