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, Hgcaps since 1993. We are located in Zhejiang Province, where is near the international city of Shanghai. HGcaps has the land of over 370,000 square feet with an advanced GMP(NSF) factory of 100,000 square feet and 30 automatic capsule production lines, which can produce 20 billion hard empty capsules per year. HGcaps believes in developing science and technology could make our Empty capsules more Competitiveness. Also, HGcaps has combined the vacuum material transfer system, intelligent weighing system, visual scanning inspection system, AGV transportation system, MES, and SAP into a new smart factory to ensure our Empty capsules have stable and high quality.
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Capsules A manufacturer that provides high-quality empty capsule products.

  • HPMC Capsules
  • Gelatin Capsules
  • Pullulan Capsules
  • Enteric Capsules
  • Organic Capsules
  • Safety Capsules

HG-Vcaps has low water content and is suitable for the filling of water-sensitive or low-water content contents. It has no risk of cross-linking reaction. It has stable chemical properties and is the first choice for moisture-sensitive powders.

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HG-Gcaps gelatin capsules are the most commonly used two-piece capsules, hard gastric-soluble capsules, used for filling granules and powders

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HG-Pcaps has a low oxygen transmission rate and is suitable for filling contents that have higher requirements for oxygen exposure.

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HG-Ecaps enteric-coated capsules are designed for intestinal administration. They are coated with capsules for directional release and do not dissolve in the stomach.

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The advantage of HG-Ocaps organic is low pollution, focusing on natural production methods, and no polluting products such as pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc. are used in the production process.

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The HG-Scaps safety capsule is the shortening of the descending capsular body, which is difficult to open again after the body cap is condensed, which effectively prevents the filling of the product from being replaced.

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