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We are proud to manufacture all our wholesale empty capsules in cGMP certified facilities that comply with all the international regulations.

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Hgcaps is a professional China Empty Capsules Manufacturers and Empty Capsules factory since 1993.

We are located in Zhejiang Province, where is near the international city of Shanghai. HGcaps has the land of over 370,000 square feet with an advanced GMP(NSF) factory of 100,000 square feet and 30 automatic capsule production lines, which can produce 20 billion hard empty capsules per year.

HGcaps believes in developing science and technology could make our OEM wholesale Empty Capsules more Competitiveness. Also, HGcaps has combined the vacuum material transfer system, intelligent weighing system, visual scanning inspection system, AGV transportation system, MES, and SAP into a new smart factory to ensure our Empty Capsules have stable and high quality.

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Capsules Industry Knowledge Extension

The role and efficacy of empty capsules
Empty capsules allow for convenient consumption of powders, liquids and other substances without direct tasting. They are usually made from gelatin or vegetable cellulose and are used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, and dietary supplements.
The efficacy of empty capsules depends on what they are filled with and the intended use of the filled capsules. Empty capsules can provide a convenient and effective way to take certain medications, supplements, or other substances because they can be filled with precise doses and are easy to swallow. However, the effectiveness of filled capsules ultimately depends on the quality and potency of the contents.
It is important to note that empty capsules should only be filled with substances that have been tested and approved for consumption, and their use should always comply with any applicable regulations and guidelines.

What are empty capsules good for?
Empty capsules are used in a variety of ways, including:
Taking Medications or Supplements: Empty capsules can be filled with precise doses of medications or dietary supplements, making them an easy and convenient way to take these substances.
Avoid Bad Tastes: Empty capsules can be used to mask the bitter or bad taste of medications or supplements.
Customized Dietary Supplement Program: Empty capsules can be filled with specific vitamins, minerals or other substances to create a personalized dietary supplement program.
Portion Control: By filling empty capsules with a specific amount of substance, it is possible to control portion size and ensure a consistent dose.
Portable: Empty capsules are small and portable, making them a convenient option for people who need to take medication or supplements on the go.
It is important to use empty capsules only as directed by a healthcare professional and to fill them only with substances that have been tested and approved for consumption.

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